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SPINNAKER LLC enables corporations and investors to realize maximum value from their assets.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Unlike the traditional model of merger advice, SPINNAKER addresses the complex challenge of integrating merged entities from planning, through closing, through synergy realization to ensure that the combined entity is on a profitable growth trajectory.

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Carve Out/Spin Out

Through a unique partnership model, SPINNAKER enables the corporate parent to share in the upside of the new venture. Meanwhile, the new venture is offered the opportunity to gain outside investment and capitalize on new markets.

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Performance Improvement

SPINNAKER provides process structuring to new ventures as well as strategic redesign for large corporations to enable streamlined competitive positioning for future growth.

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Predictive Analytics

SPINNAKER builds predictive models utilizing statistical algorithms to solve for dynamic, non-linear environments.

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Expense Management

In SPINNAKER's experience, focus on process redesign invariably improves service performance while lowering expenses/unit costs.

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Sourcing Strategy

SPINNAKER provides a full solution sourcing project from strategy to detailed tactical execution support.

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